Domain Registration

We offer the knowledge and expertise of registering your domain and managing it for an annual cost. Domain registration can be a tricky thing as after it is purchased, there are settings that need to set for the domain to be used properly. Domains have to be told where to look for your website. Meaning if you website is hosted on sever A but your domain is pointing to server B, anyone that types your domain into their browser will never see it till the host records are set properly. This can also go the same for email configurations.

Making sure you domain is locked and also set to auto renew is another important aspect of managing your domain. If its not locked there could be a chance that it might be able to be transferred to another person/registrar and you might not be able to get it back. Making sure its set to auto renew and the credit card on file is always current will make sure that your domain will never expire.

We like to manage all our customer domains so that we can take the worry of what needs to be done and let you focus on your business.