Website/Email Hosting

Web By Design offers website hosting for any small or big business. Our Linux servers can handle any amount of traffic that may come from any websites. Along with hosting your business website, we also provide the ability to have email that runs through your actual domain. This way you can keep your gmail or yahoo account separate from your business email. We can set up forwards and alias for any email.

If you host with Web By Design you get FREE tech support. Any issues concerning your website not showing or email not working, we will make it our top priority and fix the issue. This includes helping setting up email on your computer (i.e Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, etc). Our free tech support does not include desktop support if your computer doesn't work, slow, or you get a virus. If you like we can remote in and try and fix the issue at our billable rate.

We always make sure our servers are up to date and if any schedule maintenance were your site may go down for a bit, you will be notified beforehand. You will not get better hosting support from anywhere else!